Our client is a leading provider of mineral exploration drilling services and drilling products in the world today. They are seeking to recruit a Drilling Field Supervisor to support their operations.

Main purpose of role:

To run a safe, productive, cost effective drilling operation, which provides high quality service to the client in all areas, as well as providing leadership and training to those who work for them.

Summary of Duties:



You are accountable to the Operations Coordinator: English West Africa.


  • Being the communication link between the day to day operations and the client, ensuring co-ordination between both areas to achieve safe productivity.
  • Being senior person on site, and the representative for Management. As such, the Site Manager’s main role is to ensure the operation runs smoothly, which means he is basically the “problem solver” for any situation that arises.
  • Drive initiatives for improvement, and coordinate a team of functional leaders on site to ensure initiatives are achieved.
  • Ensure awareness and compliance of all BLY / Client Policies, such as; safety, environmental and confidentiality.

Key Functions


  • Ensure all personnel understand that nothing takes priority over safety.
  • Ensure all company and client policies and procedures are followed at all drill sites and work areas.
  • Ensure that work procedures are written and communicated.
  • Comply with Company/Client’s Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • Run and ensure minutes are taken for weekly safety meetings, tool box meeting committee meetings
  • Wear all protective equipment as required, and ensure all others do the same, including client representatives on site and visitors. Ensure all safety inductions are carried out by EH&S staff.
  • Thoroughly investigate and report any accidents/incidents that happen on site. Complete accident report for office and client and send within 24hrs.
  • Ensure inspection of drill sites are implemented and recorded.
  • Monitor monthly safety inspection on all drill sites.
  • Maintain 24 hour on-call availability for any safety or environmental incident
  • Ensure all monthly reports are done in a timely manner
  • Comply with client onsite inspection requirements


  • Strictly follow all company and client regulations.
  • Continuously look at ways to minimise environmental impact on the work area.
  • Ensure all environmental orientations are conducted for new employees.
  • Ensure spill kits are available at all drill sites and that they are maintained. Ensure controls are in place to control spill accidents.
  • Conduct regular environmental audits and inspections.
  • Conduct regular environmental inspection.
  • Take remedial actions to prevent environmental accidents/damages.
  • Ensure that there is a notice board displaying current items.
  • Ensure that there is an ERP and ERT, that all personnel on site are aware of it and that the ERT are aware of their duties in the event of an emergency.


  • Meet all production targets as set by management and client, or report as to why they cannot be met.
  • Continuously look at ways of improving production.
  • Ensure all drillers are working in the most productive manner.
  • Look at ways of reducing downtime/non-drilling time.
  • Ensure maintenance/support personnel are aware of what work takes priority.

Drilling Activities – Drill Planning

  • Work with the client to ensure the job is going to plan.
  • Use forward planning to ensure minimum downtime for rig moves.
  • Ensure all equipment, spare parts etc are readily available to avoid downtime.
  • Work with crew scheduler to ensure effective crew movements.
  • Communicate with client for short, medium and long term drill planning.

Drilling Activities – Site Preparation

  • Ensure that the standard of the drill site, access and sumps are adequate for type of drill rigs.
  • Oversee drill staging area for best practice work habits.
  • Oversee preparation and design of drill pad/site plus sumps to meet with operation, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Coordinate with mine operation and mine engineering for drill pad and sump designs.
  • Coordinate with client for equipment requests.
  • Ensure rig set ups are of a standard that meets company/client standards.
  • Assist with day to day drill management activities and support activities.
  • Make sure all BYL drilling procedures are followed.
  • Check and oversee maintenance of up to date records of drill hole surveys.
  • Inform geologists as soon as possible when problems, delays or change in plans are anticipated.
  • Ensure daily drill reports are correct and accurate prior to being signed by geologist in charge.
  • Communicate and give advice to geologist in charge on drilling activities and issues.
  • Minimize inactive hours and active hourly charges and unnecessary stand by.
  • Ensure all drill samples are presented to the client as required.
  • Ensure all equipment lost in drill hole is recorded.
  • When drilling completed in one location, make sure the drill location is cleaned, all drill equipment properly moved and the site handed back and signed off.
  • Ensure that down hole surveys are accurate and collected on timely basis.

Drilling Activities – Drill Consumables and Stock Control

  • Manage drill consumable stocks (drill muds, fluids, core tray, core block, etc).
  • Make sure drill consumables are available so as not to affect the drilling program.
  • Manage and control drill mud/fluid usage.
  • Order drill consumables as required.
  • Track cost of drill consumables.
  • Oversee the effective use of the ordering system that ensures the availability of necessary parts on site without over stocking.
  • Ensure all rods, down hole equipment and spare parts are stored in a secure manner to minimum deterioration. (i.e. covered rod storage and greased threads)
  • Oversee the accurate keeping of up to date stock inventory.


  • Oversee and account for the correct recording and storage of records: drill records, EHS records, personnel training records, financial records, consumables records, lost equipment records.
  • Ensure accurate Weekly Reports are delivered to the office.
  • Ensure Daily Reports are accurately completed, designating chargeable and non-chargeable hours and sent to the invoicing team daily.
  • Approve all site specific documents.
  • Adhere to and enforce company policies.
  • Understand internal controls and their purposes.
  • Understand client’s administrative requirements and work with the administration department to adjust BL procedures accordingly when possible.
  • Approve all cash transactions on site.
  • Manage accounting and finance issues as required.
  • Be available to all employees to hear grievances that HR has not concluded.


  • Maintain an honest and open line of communication with management and those you work with.
  • Liaise on a continual basis with the client to ensure the program is progressing as expected.
  • Make sure instructions are always explained clearly and concisely, often in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Attend production meetings, drilling meetings, safety meetings, welfare committee meetings as required.
  • Develop a work environment where teamwork, cooperation, compliance, effective communication and respect are valued and encouraged. You are the leader and role model at your site.

Problem Solving

  • Make every effort to solve problems as part of your job, rather than passing them on to others to solve.
  • Train those you work with to solve problems and think ahead.


  • Educate those you work with in line with company work expectations in areas such as quality, honesty and timeliness.
  • Ensure all personnel on site understand the responsibilities of their position descriptions.
  • Ensure all personnel on site has received proper client and BL training and inductions
  • Provide hands on training in areas as required, such as drilling techniques, camera operation and mud usage.
  • Assess employees skill level and seek extra training / assistance for them where required.
  • Ensure all personnel have a training plan and are on target with their training.
  • Ensure that all training records are up to date and available.
  •  Encourage awareness and compliance with the PDM system.

Person Specification

  • Prior experience in project or site management
  • Extensive RC and Diamond drilling experience
  • Proven leadership ability, preferably in a cross-cultural environment
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly with clients
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience, especially in mining or geology, or equivalent business degree as appropriate for position
  • Minimum 1 – 2 years business operations experience in mining or drilling services
  • Candidates with capital projects experience within a heavy industry environment will also be considered
  • Proven and demonstrated leadership skills to communicate goals while motivating employees to achieve identified targets
  • Project management skills with ability to handle multiple projects concurrently
  • Aptitude for solving problems
  • Comfortable with MS Office tools
  • Senior First Aid
  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • Ability to work in a cross cultural environment

Contacts and Relationships ( both internal and external)

  • Constant contact with inter-organisational managers, employees and external clients on routine and non routine matters
  • Customer service provided though clear communication skills, approachability and working knowledge of problem resolution
  • May deal with sensitive situations

Management and Leadership (finance, resources, performance management, staff supervision and service delivery)

  • No budget responsibility
  • Responsible for a team of 6-15 at any given time

Diversity and compliance

  • Work within the organisation’s Environmental Health and Safety policy and ensure so far as reasonable that safe working practices are established, maintained and followed
  • Adhere to and actively promote the policies on
  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Anti-Bribery
  3. Anti-Money Laundering
  4. Export  Compliance, Trade Sanctions and Anti-Boycott
  5. Workplace Standards

To apply send CVs to drillfs.pjkt@gmail.com

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